Airbus Helicopters AS355F2

Airbus Helicopters AS355F2

The Airbus Helicopters AS355F2 is a multi -engine light utility helicopter originally manufactured by Aérospatiale in France.

The AS355F2 offers the added safety of 2 ROLLS ROYCE 250 C20 F engines. The aircraft is built on the reliable AS350 platform, renowned worldwide for its reliability and safety record.


Technical specifications

  • Origin  :  France
  • Manufacturer : Airbus Helicopters
  • Configuration : Leather seats
  • Crew :  1 pilot / 2 pilots
  • Capacity  : 5 / 4 Passengers
  • Cruise speed : 115 kn – 215 km/h
  • Engine : 2 ROLLS ROYCE 250 C20 F Engines
Exterior View

AS355F2 with an aerodynamically streamlined design and its two powerful engines can take you anywhere with safety, speed and comfort.

Interior View

Comfortable leather seats and an incompatible view from above mixed in for the perfect flight.

Luggage Compartment

Big luggage space compartment for your luggage needs.

Luggage compartments sizes ( WxHxD ) as shown in the pictures :

a) 85x67x20cm
b) 65x52x95cm
c) 90x65x20cm

Helicopter 360° VIEW

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