Airbus Helicopters EC130B4

Airbus Helicopters EC130B4

The EC130B4 is an intermediate single-engine helicopter tailored for passenger transportation, sightseeing and VIP duties.

The Safran Arriel 2D turbine engine includes a new generation dual-channel full authority digital engine control (FADEC) system with a third independent and automatic back-up channel.


Technical specifications

  • Origin :  France
  • Manufacturer : Airbus Helicopters
  • Configuration : Leather seats, Air Condition
  • Crew:  1 Pilot / 2 Pilots
  • Capacity : 6 / 5 Passengers
  • Cruise Speed : 120 kn – 220 km/h
  • Engine : Safran Arriel 2D (with FADEC)

The EC130 is a member of Airbus’ Ecureuil family, which represents 42 percent of Airbus’ in-service fleet and has accumulated more than 332 million flight hours worldwide.


As a multi-role rotorcraft, the EC130 has a spacious cabin for one pilot and up to six passengers.

As the quietest helicopter on the market in its category, the EC130’s Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor and automatic variable rotor speed control contribute to its significantly reduced external sound level.


Large luggage space compartments for your luggage needs.

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