Airlift was established in 1999 and is considered as one of the pioneers in helicopter operations in Greece.

Since then, the company has accomplished to build an extraordinary reputation by offering the highest level of services in the VIP aerial business, ensuring safety and discretion.

With a modern and luxury fleet of twin engine Airbus Helicopters type H145, Airbus Helicopters type EC135 and one single engine Airbus EC130, Airlift is able to provide an excellent service tailored to your needs.

Some examples of our flight operations are:

  • The transfer of Very Important Persons in comfort, speed and full discreetness
  • Transferring passengers anywhere in Greece and especially in areas where the access is difficult with other means of transportation.
  • Aerial photo shoots, filming or monitoring of highways
  • Emergency aerial news coverage
  • Aerial monitoring of construction of different projects either private or public
  • Transferring patients with fast and immediate flights (Air Ambulance)
  • Firefighting during the summer season, with certified and specially equipped helicopters
  • Transport of merchandise spare parts or other objects

The well-trained flight crew and technical department of our company with its over the years experience, contributes effectively to the execution of the flights while observing all the safety rules according to the European and Greek legislation.
Airlift has been granted the approval of the Greek Civil Aviation Authority to operate commercial flights on various types of helicopters by its Air Operator Certificate (AOC). The company is also an authorized Aerial Work operator with significant experience in various projects.

The company also operates its own Part 145 maintenance organization housed at its owned facilities, providing continuous airworthiness services for a wide range of helicopters through the Maintenance Organization Approval (AMO EASA PART-145) & Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO EASA PART-M) certifications provided by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority.

Despite the ease of use of private aircrafts, their parking and safe-keeping remains always an important issue.
Our professional and fully insured personnel will look after your helicopter under the highest standards of safety and security in a well-guarded and protected environment at the Airlift’s Technical Base.

Our Certifications:

  • Air Operator Certificate (AOC),
  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Οrganisation Approval (CAMO EASA PART – M)
  • Maintenance Organisation Approval (AMO EASA PART-145) of Hellenic Civil Aviation.

Airlift is also EASA certified to perform the following specialized operations :

  • aerial photography flights
  • news media flights , television and movie flights

Our Commercial Department will provide any information required either for a business and a pleasure trip or for our special operations including air-ambulance , sightseeing and aerial filming.

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