Frequently Asked Questions

How long since booking can a helicopter be ready for take off?

Usually 60  min are required for departure. During the months June – August it is best to book a flight as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to rent a helicopter?

The flight cost depends from factors such as the helicopter type or the flight time. Do not hesitate to contact our sales department for any other information might needed.

Where can a helicopter land?

The helicopter is considered to be the most flexible means of transport as it has the ability to land and take off from places outside airports, such as heliports or landing fields. These fields should meet the requirements of a safe landing or take-off always at the discretion of the pilot. All landings should be approved by the owner of these fields.

How long can a helicopter fly without refueling?

Flight duration without refueling depends on the type and the carrying weight. Our helicopters can fly 2-3 hours without refueling .

How does the weather affect the flight with a helicopter?

The helicopter’s relationship with the weather is decisive. The helicopter does not fly when there are severe weather phenomena such as heavy rain. The weather forecast is made from very reliable satellite channels and the passenger’s briefing is immediate and much earlier than the set take-off time.