Anafi – Astonishing natural beauty

Anafi is a small island in Cyclades and its located between Santorini and Astypalaia. It is characterized of a unique and astonishing natural beauty with an incredible view of the Aegean Sea. Anafi is surrounded by amazing beaches and many paths for hiking. Anafi is an ideal island to relax to feel an alternative tourism and to enjoy a vivid nightlife during the summer months.

The capital of the island is called Hora and it is one of the most beautiful villages in Cyclades. Chora is built amphitheatrically on the top of a hill. The majority of the houses are white -washed with colorful roofs. All the island is surrounded by stone passages built over the ruins of a Venetian castle. The island has two more villages Agios Nikolaos and Klisidi.


According to mythology, Anafi rose from the waters of the Aegean as a result of the god Apollo’s desire to provide a safe harbor for Jason’s storm-struck Argonauts. To thank the god, they built the temple of Apollo Astealtas near the monastery of Zoodohos Pigi and honored him with the annual Yakinthia festival In August. The last day of the festival’s features an open-air village feast at the square of Ayios Nikolaos . Other myths claim that Anafi was the home of Aeolus, the God of the winds, who helped Odysseus with favorable winds on his journey home. In 1537, Anafi was pillaged by the pirate Barbarossa and then fell under Ottoman rule. Anafi officially became a part of the modern Greek state in 1832. The King Othon was so impressed by the reputation of the Anafiotes’ builders that he brought them to Athens in order to build his palace. They settled on the foothills of the Acropolis and they built small house in the traditional style of Anafi. If you visit Athens do not miss to visit theGreek capital’s old quarter of Plaka, which is known as “Anafiotika” and is considered one of the city’s architectural gems.

Other sights of the island are the ruins of the Venetian castle. Furthermore you may visit the ruins of the temple of Apollo Anafios ,the Monastery of Zoodohou Pigi and the Monastery of Panayia Kalamiotissa on Mount Kalamos.

There also many interesting caves to explore. The most famous is the Dragontospilo with its multicolored stalactites and stalagmites. Another cave is Prassa, which is largely unexplored.

The Beaches in Anafi are sandy sourrounded by turquoise waters . Some of the most known beaches are Roukounas ,Klisidi, Katsouni, Flamourou, Megas Potamos .After a full day of swimming and relaxing on the sandy beaches of the island you may enjoy the local food of the island. the cuisine in Anafi is delicious. You may try traditional recipes at the restaurants with live Greek music and a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea. Anafi is famous for its pitaria which are local pasta served with tomato sauce and cheese, the melitera which are sweet pastries filled with the local cheese mizithra and the local white whine the strofyliatiko .

If you feel like taking a break from sunbathing and swimming, Anafi has some amazing trails that lead to magical beaches and spots with stunning view.The most popular trail leads to Kalamos which is the top of the second highest monolith in Europe. A huge rock located in the southeast of the island is a unique natural monument where the Monastery of Panagia Kalamiotissa can be found.

Reaching Anafi from Athens can take place either by ship or by renting a helicopter.
Unfortunately the voyage with the ship lasts approx. 12 hours from Athens and there aren’t daily routes.

Alternatively, you can reach this unique place by a private helicopter charter. The average flight time from Athens to Anafi with a helicopter is approximately 1h .Before landing to Anafi you can get a quick view and a sightseeing tour over the island.

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