Karpathos – A mythological island

Karpathos is the mythological homeland of the Titan Iapetus, and the birthplace of Proteus.

According to a legend the name Karpathos came to be when the first inhabitants robbed the Olympian gods and brought them to the island. Thus they were named Arpathians (from greek arpaktikós ‘rapacious, predatory’.

Karpathos is one of the most beautiful islands of the Greek Dodecanese islands. Located in the southeastern Aegean Sea between Rhodes and Crete, Karpathos is also in the part of the Mediterranean which is called the Carpathian Sea (Latin: Carpathium Mare). 


The capital and the main port of the island is Pigadia which is surrounded by the villages of Menetes, Arkasa, Aperi, Volada, Othos, and Pyles. Othos is built 510m above the sea level and is considered the highest village on the island.

A visit to the villages in the north of the island like Mesochori, Spoa and Olympos can convince all the travellers that the tradition of Kalymnos is still alive. Especially the village Olympos still holds its ancient old dialect and customs.

One of the island’s natural sites is the cave of Poseidon which was used either as a rock-cut tomb or a sanctuary dedicated to Poseidon or Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

The island of Karpathos with its rich traditional history has only recently been discovered as a tourist destination. Karpathos is an island where the travelers will find a paradise of hiking trails and where they will have the opportunity to explore an ideal destination full of tall mountains, traditional villages and exotic beaches with turquoise waters. Beaches like the sandy Kyra Panagia and the golden sandy beach Apela which stand out for their crystal waters ensure moments of tranquility. Several beaches in Karpathos are also ideal for windsurfing. Every summer in the bay of Afiartis an international windsurfing competition is held. Ammopi beach is also ideal for sea sports.
The majority of the tourists travel to Karpathos during the 15th of August due to the Panagias festival which is considered the most important festival on the island.

Pigadia, Arkassa, Ammoopi, Lefkos, and Diafani are considered as the main tourist areas where the most restaurants are found. Traditional restaurants and taverns can also be found all over Karpathos with a great view of the countryside or the sea. The most known bars are at the port of Pigadia.

Reaching Karpathos from Athens can take place either by ship or by renting an aircraft.
Unfortunately the voyage with the ship lasts approx. 20 hours and there aren’t daily routes.

Alternatively, you can reach this unique place by a private helicopter charter. The average flight time from Athens to Karpathos with a helicopter is approximately 90 min

Before landing to Karpathos you can get a quick view and a sightseeing tour over the island. You may also have the opportunity to enjoy from above some neighboring islets like the islet of Saria which was once united with Karpathos, but an earthquake divided them. Saria preserves many important antiquities which you can discover from above.

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