Porto Heli – A major seaside resort

Porto Heli is a cosmopolitan port village on the eastern side of Peloponnese in Greece. If you wonder how a natural little harbor could have evolved into a destination that is famous the world over, here is the answer to that!

The almost enclosed bay includes a large marina facility that is a must-visit spot for famous visitors and their yachts.

A breathtaking nature surrounds the bay and the lacy shoreline of turquoise waters creates a surreal location that resembles a film setting.

Commencing from the first couple of meters, you will witness pine trees dive into the sea, a play of light and shadow with the sand and the water, coloring the sea bed pink and the sea waters multiple varieties of blue and deep green.

There is no better place to unwind, after a long day soaking the sun, than in one of Porto Heli’s elegant restaurants, traditional taverns or laid back ouzeri. Fresh fish, home grown vegetables, and lobster, the hallmark of the region’s cuisine, epitomize culinary distinction.

There are many archaeological sites in close proximity to visit such as Epidaurus, with its UNESCO-protected amphitheater and Sanctuary of Asklepios, the legendary citadel of Mycenae, the ancient capital of Nafplion, the village of Didyma and the Temple of Hera.

Porto Heli does not have an airport.

You can get from Athens to Porto Heli by helicopter in approximately 30 minutes or by car alternatively at 3.5 hours.


Porto Heli has originally been a secluded fishing village. The area started to gradually develop in the 1970s when wealthy Athenian businessmen, shipowners and showbiz stars built summer houses and bought plots of land.

Helicopter flights to Porto Heli

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