Pylos – History that goes back 4,500 years

The town of Pylos, one of the most attractive coastal villages in Greece, lies in the southern entrance of Navarino and spreads over St. Nicholas in the little “valley” between the hills, with Neokastro towering over it. This picturesque town of 2,500 residents, enchants with its beauty, both locals and visitors. Pylos is also known for the famous Naval Battle of Navarino, historic castles, warm hospitality, and beautiful beaches.

The region of Pylos is one of the best destinations for quiet and relaxing as well as adventurous summer holidays. It features magnificent beaches of golden sand or pebbles and numerous sights, such as its Old Castle, its New Castle and —of course— the Palace of Nestor, which is the best-preserved Mycenaean palace. In a range of less than 10km from Pylos there are numerous places to visit, such as Gialova Lagoon, Voidokoilia beach, the rocky island Sfaktiria or the Castle of Methoni.

In 2009 Costa Navarino Resort was established in the area and is the “must” place to stay if you are looking for a luxurious accommodation.

The resort’s philosophy is driven by a desire to promote the culture while protecting and preserving its natural beauty and heritage, also adhering to strict environmental protection guidelines in order to sustain the natural environment. It is also home of two signature golf courses making it also a popular golf destination.

Pylos can be reached from Athens by car (3.5 – 4 hrs) or by helicopter. The flight time is approximately 60 minutes.


Navarino bay is one of the biggest natural ports in the world with a length of 4,800 m and width of 3,600 m. The bay, which overlooks the Ionian Sea, is defined and protected from the sea by a huge natural jetty (length 4,000 m, width 500-1,000 m and height up to 150 m), the island of Sfaktiria, bare of trees today, but wooded in antiquity.

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